The Envisioneer – why now?

For the longest time, I always thought of starting the steps necessary to build myself up to work full time making social impact as my true self, The Envisioneer, but never kept at it long enough to actually get it going. The reasons are many as to why I didn’t get this going sooner even though I knew 100% that this is what I want to do with my life but where it all changed was when I realized that the world needed me to make this happen. By not sharing my super powers with the world, I realized that I was doing a major disservice to mankind and planet Earth. That sounds a bit egotistical but I know one thing for sure, I have the creativity and know how to drive positive social impact in for profit and non-profit means.


I have reached a stage in my development that I know for certain that there is no single person like me because I am unique in what I have to offer in helping drive social impact. After hitting my threshold doing work that was not meaningful to me, I had to do something to transition to doing more fulfilling work full time. After assessing all of my ideas of what that would be, it kept coming back to the long held vision I have had of working as The Envisioneer. Because I have been involved with a multitude of companies, startups, non-profits and community engagement initiatives, The Envisioneer was how I could continue to work on these types of projects that I was most passionate about.


Tomorrow is not guaranteed so starting as of August 12, 2016, I am going to put in the work every single day to make The Envisioneer impact the world for social good.